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Aviation Press Limited, established in 2011, is a company specialising in military aviation photography and reporting. Its photographers and journalists, with over a 100 years of military aviation experience between them, have had hundreds of photographs and articles published. This website showcases some of that work.

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Naha – Defending Japan’s Southern Islands

Authors & Photographers: Ian French & Jon Astley Naha Airfield was constructed in 1933 as Oroku Naval Air Base under the command of the Imperial Japanese Navy.  After the end of World War II the airfield was upgraded and became a base for the United States...

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Taiwan Air Force

Authors & photographers:  Ian French & Jon Astley The Taiwan Air Force is formally known as the Republic of China Air Force (RoCAF) and was established in 1920 as the Aviation Ministry.  The RoCAF was active on mainland China under the Republic of China.  When...

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State Emergency Service of Ukraine at Nizhyn

Authors & photographers:  Ian French & Alexander Golz In most countries, the Ministry of the Interior is responsible for disaster recovery and civil protection. In Ukraine a special organisation has been created for this purpose: The State Emergency Service...

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Polish Air Force 100 Year Anniversary

The Polish Air Force celebrated its 100 year anniversary in late August 2018.  Celebrations included a families open day at Dęblin-Irena followed by an airshow at Radom-Sadków.  Ian French produced this photo report. All rights belong to Aviation Press Limited....

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15th Transport Aviation Brigade, Kiev-Borispol, Ukraine

Authors: Ian French & Alexander Golz,   Photographer: Ian French The 15th Transport Aviation Brigade is a unit of the Ukraine Air Force and is the successor to the 1st Air Transport Aviation Regiment.  The unit was formed in the Hungarian town of Dunapataj from...

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831st Guards Tactical Aviation Brigade at Myrgorod, Ukraine

Authors & photographers:  Ian French & Alexander Golz The 831st Galatskiy Chervonopraporniy order of the Kutuzova 3rd Regiment was established on November 27 in 1941 in Krasnovodsk originally as the 659th Fighter Aviation Regiment.  In 1941 the Regiment was...

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Poltava Air Base, Ukraine

Aviation Press visited the former Heavy Bomber Long Range Aviation base at Poltava, Ukraine. Author & photographer: Ian French Poltava air base is located in north eastern Ukraine and was activated in 1940.  However, it fell to German forces in 1941 and they...

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Comando Aéreo de Combate 4 at Melgar, Colombia

Author & photographer: Ian French The Escuela de Helicópteros para las Fuerza Armadas (Helicopter School of the Armed Forces) de la Fuerza Aérea Colombiana is located at Melgar – Tolima in central Colombia and is today the largest and most rigorous helicopter...

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