Author & photographers: Ian French & Jon Astley

The Servicio de Mantenimiento de la Fuerza Aérea del Perú (Peruvian Air Force Maintenance Service), well known as SEMAN or SEMAN Peru, is a Peruvian aircraft manufacturer which was formed at Real Felipe Fortress in Callao on 13 June 1933, as Taller Central de Aviación (Aviation Central Workshop).

SEMAN has various quality, technical and civil aviation certifications and is approved to undertake work on the Boeing 727-200, B737-100, -500, B767-200, -400 and -500, the McDonnell Douglas DC-8-60 and -70, DC-10 and Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules.  The certification process has been started for the Boeing 737NG and Airbus A320 and A321. 

Since 2004 SEMAN has undertaken support programs to improve the operational capability of the FAP.  Maintenance is currently provided for the Cessna T-41D Mescalero and C172SP Skyhawk, the Moravan Zlin Z-242L, the Boeing 737-500 and Lockheed Martin L.100-20 Hercules as well as other types.

One particular project concerns the Sukhoi Su-25 refurbishment program for which 10 of the 18 aircraft fleet are to undergo a major inspection and refurbishment . A contract for $32 million was signed with Rosoboronexport on 23rd December 2014. Of the total contract sum $15.5 million was assigned for repair of major assemblies and accessories, $8.2 million for new braking parachutes, spare parts and technical manuals and $8.3 million for the overhaul of 20 Tumanski R-95SH engines. This equates to $3.2 million per aircraft and will cover six Su-25 and four Su-25UB.

The first aircraft to complete the program, Su-25 070 (which took six months), returned to service in August 2018 and a total of three have now been delivered (Su-25UBs 085 in March 2019 and 083 following in August 2019). For the third aircraft, 083, the program length had reduced to four months.  The fourth aircraft, Su-25 071 is currently being worked on and is scheduled for delivery in December 2019. The next aircraft will be 075, 077, 078, 079, 080 & 087, the latter two being Su-25UBs. Currently only one aircraft is being worked on at a time.

A technical agreement was signed in 2016 with Russian Helicopters Helicentro to undertake first phase repair and maintenance on the Mil Mi-8, Mi-17 and Mi-171 initially and in the medium term the Mil Mi 171ShP, Mi-25 and Mi-35P. 

SEMAN has 750 staff which are 50% military and 50% civilian.

The Fuerza Aérea del Perú has two units based at BA Las Palmas.

Dirección de Vigilancia y Reconocimiento Aéreo (DIVRA)

   – Escuadrón Aéreo de Reconocimiento Remoto 330 with UAVs

   – Escuadrón 331 with Learjet

   – Escuadrón Aéreo 334 with C-26B & RC695


Escuela de Aviación Civil (EDACI) with Cessna T-41, 172SP & CH2000

Aviation Press Limited would like to thank First Lieutenant Gastiaburu, SEMAN and the Fuerza Aerea del Perú for hosting our visit and Metropolitan Touring and Forest Aviation Tours for their assistance in arranging the visit.

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