Author:  Ian French  Photographers:  Ian French & Jon Astley

Exercise Cobra Warrior 2019 is taking part at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire between 1st and 20th September.  It is the first time that the Israeli Air Force has taken part in an exercise in the UK.  Seven F-15C & D “Baz” Eagles from 106 Squadron at Tel Nof are at RAF Waddington for the exercise and are joined by nine (exact numbers have varied so far) German Air Force Eurofighter Typhoons from JG73 from Laage and four Italian Air Force Typhoon from various units: 4 Stormo from Grosseto, 36 Stormo from Gioia del Colle and 37 Stormo from Trapani.

They are joined by RAF Typhoons from RAF Coningsby and F-35s from RAF Marham as well as the based aircraft at RAF Waddington.

USAF participation is with F-15 Eagles from 48th Fighter Wing RAF Lakenheath, B-52s from 307th Bomber Wing Barksdale AFB and B-2s from 509th Bomber Wing Whiteman AFB, the latter two units temporarily deployed to RAF Fairford.

The exercise develops the tactical leadership skills of aircrew and supporting elements within a complex air environment. Personnel develop, plan and practice tactics, techniques and procedures during scenarios and complete training within the mission employment phase for future weapons instructors within a multinational force framework.

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